Saturday, December 24, 2016

The unvailing of the Gemini interface

Gemini and Rattler Publishing 

In a late meeting at Rattler Publishing Bangor the design and communication teams unveiled the Gemini  interface to the author. Almost unanimously they suggested the launch date for Gemini should be one month from today. 1/24/2017 but that isn't an official time frame and is still pending approval from Rattler Publishing. To find out more about Gemini contact us at
Stay infirmed about any changes to the Gemini project log on to the news section of Rattler Publishing at

Monday, December 19, 2016


This is the official blog of Gemini website and hosting, a division of Rattler Publishing. Here we welcome your comments about our services and specials. This not only keep us informed about how our programs and upcoming specials are having an impact on your business but it also to help you informed about the overall changes, progress and upcoming specials.
Each time we post we also post to Rattler Publishing News feeds. So if you missed the post here you can log on to and got to the news section of the site.
Rattler Publishing; though not involved on the daily operations we operates under an approved license from The Rattler Publishing Network. 
With Gemini's drag and drop technology you can create your own site hosted exclusively on Gemini. We have 24/7 tech support that will take your experience to a new level of excellence.
Contact us at for more information.
If you desire a custom design site the graphic designers at Rattler Publishing can design a site specifically for your business needs. Contact Rattler Publishing at to find out more of their offers. In the email subject space place custom design and give a brief statement in the body about your business needs.

Again welcome to Gemini